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    • Lecturer screen - 21.5" Multi-Touch Display
    • High performance computer with network connection.
    • DVD player for playback of all DVD movies.
    • Complete lecture hall stereo audio system and microphone.
    • Optional Document-Camera to allow presentation of photos, papers and 3D objects with zoom control.
    • Laptop computer connection - quick connection for guest-lecturer computer.
    • TecPodium designed metal housing
    • The TecPodium is connected to the halls' projector or any other presentation device.
    • The electronic equipment is securely locked. By opening the side door, the equipment will automatically start operating.
    • Selecting presentation source with "One Button" system - selecting computer, DVD, camera or laptop computer picture with one button!
    • The selected display appears on both lecturer screen and on the halls' screen simultaneously.
    • The sound will switch automatically with the selection of the required source.
    • At the end of the lecture - simply close the door and the valuable equipment remains safe and secured!
      There is no need to disassemble or disconnect the equipment cables!
  • The new Interactive Pen Display of TecPodium has been designed for those, who want to combine the advantage of a pen tablet with a high-quality LCD display.
    The new display allows the user to input data directly on-screen – with greater speed and accuracy thanks to the perfect hand-eye-coordination. It servers as a perfect companion for any presentation. Control and sketch on your presentation or any other software application without turning your back to the audience.
    Navigate, sketch and write directly on the screen! It can also replace your old chalkboard!
    The Interactive Screen is more natural, intuitive and far more ergonomic than everything you used to use at work. It enables you to work directly with a pen on the full colored display.
    The unique interactive pen is the first in the world to work through the protective glass of TecPodium, keeping your system protected and safe!
  • TecPodium is cost effective. No more valuable lecture time that goes to waste, technical problems and constant systems failures. TecPodium keeps your equipment locked and secure.
    TecPodium is reliable, easy to maintain and can be upgraded to comply with future needs.
  • Maintenance of TecPodium is easy.  The systems come with a complete user manual and maintenance guide.
  • Yes. There is a special laptop port connections (HDMI, VGA and audio, network RJ45 connections) for that purpose.
  • TecPodium includes all multimedia equipment in it. Simply connect to the power and the system works. No need for other cables or external equipment.
  • As TecPodium is connected to the halls' projector, electricity, network and sound systems, it requires installation in the lecture hall. However, a special cable harness and casters kit could be ordered (TCB-33).  The TCB-33 will allow TecPodium to be moved from the center of the stage, for example, to a side room within the hall.