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TecPodium Lite - Simple Answer to Complex Classroom Technology

Tecom Tecpodium Lite compact classroom lectern logoTecPodium Lite - a solution so simple it should eradicate teacher’s struggle with advanced technology all together.

TecPodium Lite is a complete solution for any classroom, boardroom and training room. Quick to install, the TecPodium Lite features a true plug and play capability. It can be installed in new or existing facilities, requiring only power and reducing TCO.

TecPodium Lite utilizes a unique PC has an energy-conscious design including up to 90% efficient power-supply, a slim chassis, and powerful technology and reliability.
TecPodium lite av podium for lecture halls, boardroom, classroom training facilties all in one
The presenter screen and sound system are already conveniently integrated into the stylish lectern, which can be branded with a university or company logo on the lecterns front surface.

The TecPodium Lite can easily be connected to a video conference or a lecture capture system, recroding or streaming system for broadcasts and recording directly from the smart classroom.

The entire solution is supported by a single source and offers superb operation, peace of mind, high impact presentations and extraordinary cost-effectiveness.
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