TecPodium Prime

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TecPodium Prime - Features

Integrated solution
  • Integrates all audio-visual equipment in a compact lecturer podium. 
  • Facilitates multimedia, Internet and computer presentations.
  • Multi-touch presenter screen for extended educational tools
  • Allows presentation of high quality DVD and videos.
  • Provides a complete sound solution for the visual source.
  • Optional document camera for displays of 3D objects, photos and documents in all sizes with zoom capability.
  • TecPodium Prime featuresEnables selection of presentation source with one button.
  • Displays all visual sources on the lecturer's personal screen.
Easy connections
  • Connects easily to guest-lecturer's computer. 
  • Connects to the hall projector or any other presentation device.
Proven reliability
  • Easy to maintain and high durability.
  • 20 years high performance working experience.