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TecPodium Prime - Multi-Touch Screen

  • tecom interactive smart podium monitor multi touch screenTecom launches its latest TecPodium AV Lectern with multi-touch screen capabilities supporting Microsoft Windows 10 and HD resolution.  The New TecPodium now meets all presenters' need with the latest technology approach.
  • The TecPodium now has built-in, multiuser touch screen system, employing state of the art technology to achieve high-resolution, high brightness, fast and accurate response with no calibration requirements.
  • The new touch screen offers extended educational tools for the modern classroom and training environments where the presenter can use all common touch gestures such as swipe, tap, slide, scroll, zoom and more directly on the podium screen.
  • TecPodium multi-touch screen fully supports Microsoft Windows 10 and Microsoft Office inking features, allowing direct, on the fly annotation capabilities.