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TecPodium Prime - How Does It Work?

TecPodium is easy to use. Simply click a single button to switch between sources and control the AV equipment!
  • Start by opening the side door – everything switches onTecpodium interactive lectern side view audio visual podium
  • You can bring your materials from your organization’s network, as well as link to the web or insert a DVD or USB thumb drive… for an on-the spot smooth presentation on the high end computer
  • Multi-touch screen integrated in the podium for easy and advanced operation of presentations
  • Insert a DVD and easily switch to the DVD Player
  • Optional document camera for presenting documents, photos, and enlargement of various objects in real-time on the screen with simple zooming and automatic focus
  • Benefit from a quick interface to laptop connectivity
  • Control sound for maximum effectiveness with a complete stereo sound system
  • Control hall lights as well and enjoy motorized screen controls
  • At the end of your presentation, simple close the side door, everything turn OFF. Your equipment remains locked and protected
  • Save time and money on service calls, increase efficiency and make the most out of your audio visual equipment
Save valuable time on design-build, programming and integration!
Pre-configured and ready to work, simply Plug and Play!