TecPodium Accessories

TCM-400 - Tabletop Cable Management


Tecom Quote• Tabletop Cable Management
• Modular popup and hidden table-top cable management enclosures
• Changeable modular, with various cable or connectors configuration
• Silence aerodynamic force pole design (TCM-403)
• Flush mounting - suitable for boardrooms, conference room, control room and classroom installations.





Tecom cable management - TCM-401 - pull out av cable cubby


Tecom cable management - TCM-402 - pop up av connection plate

TCM-401 Series is designed as a table-top cable house, with slidable cover and drawing cables.  The cover of TCM-401 can be opened and slide down, and the cables can be drawn out manually.  There are 6 cables holes, which can support various AV cables, depending on the installation requirement.   TCM-403 is a modular popup and hidden table-top socket.  It has a built-in aerodynamic force pole, which can popup the socket (45 degree angle).  It works with the TCM modular plates.   The user can select and configure the desired plate with different connectors, depending on the installation requirements.  All the modular plates are direct connection.
Cover slidable and lowered   Quiet and reliable aerodynamic force pole
Cable-drawing design    Up to 4 modular plates
All the default cables are up to 1.7 meters.  Standard cables include: 15 pin VGA cable,  HDMI cable, 3.5 mm Audio, CAT5 and USB cable
6 cable holes, with default or customized cables.
  All connectors and sockets are direct connection

Table top mountable