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TecPodium Presenter - How Does It Work?

TecPodium Presenter height adjustable lectern ADA requirements for classroom
TecPodium Presenter comes equipped with electronically controlled hydraulic lifts for height adjustment. A single button to press for an up / down motion, adjusting the lectern height according to physical requirements of every lecturer. TecPodium presenter is fully ADA compliant and will allow any user to use it at ease.

TecPodium Presenter optional Interactive pen display offers the speaker the ability to annotate directly on the screen and save those notes for session attendees. This allows everyone from trainers at army bases and city planners to physicians to clearly annotate their material for the audience without stepping away from their TecPodium Presenter lectern.

It's so easy to install TecPodium Presenter, just plug in for a seamless multimedia presentation.