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Human Body Temperature Measuring in Public Spaces - Infrared Thermometer System

The growing spread of Corona virus will require human body temperature measurements at the entrance to public areas, educational institutions, universities, train stations, airports, shopping malls, supermarkets, office buildings and more.
Getting back to safe working condition in economies worldwide require a proper plan for organizations and it needs to be implemented, in a safe and effective routine.

MEASURING SYSTEM OF HUMAN BODY TEMPERATURE Dixion HY-2005B - an IR remote human body temperature measurement system has been working successfully for many years, including during the outbreak of the SARS epidemic in 2003, Ebola in 2014, and the Corona epidemic. The scan system is already installed at airports, hospitals, terminals and more.

How does the System Works?

An infrared system that performs a real-time temperature scan, enabling people to move quickly without creating "traffic jams" at buildings and aisles.

The systems and monitoring that are connected to internal control systems and alerts to improve the control efficiency of incoming people's traffic.

The system is capable of monitoring a large number of people at the entrance gates and connects to their control and management system for extended access control only to the permissive.

Expect that thousands of buildings and businesses will need heat measurement solutions, order delays could cause your business another lost economic month, long waiting times, prices may also surge and employees looking to return to work but fear the business will not prepare to prevent the Corona epidemic.

System Advantages:


Fixed system based on thermal camera and calibration "black body" device
High reliability
High accuracy
Designed for use at the entrance to multi-traffic public places, for example:
Airports, shopping malls, campuses, hospitals, public buildings, courts and more.

A portable scan system that connects to a laptop computer and allows quick deployment
High reliability
High accuracy
Designed for use in schools, markets, supermarkets, movie theaters, public parks and more.

DIXION is a German manufacturer and an international trading company offering a wide range of medical equipment for a variety of medical fields such as surgery, intensive care, gynecology, and neonatology. We deliver medical equipment produced by DIXION as well as equipment made by the world´s leading manufacturers to partners in more than 50 countries worldwide. Tecom is Dixion representative.

Download catalog with further technical information here...

Video from existing installations of the body temperature scanning system